Shepherds Corner

Born of Water and Spirit

Each of us began life as a baby with almost no knowledge and no experience. Our parents taught us about living life, for better or worse. We have always depended on those around us to teach us how to live. We played with friends. We went to school. We learned to eat, to bathe, to read, to write - everything. We learned from people.

But from people come problems. As we got older, we discovered that there truly is good and evil around us. We found out that we can do good or evil. One day, we woke up and made a choice to do something we knew was wrong. Yes, we continued doing many things that are right, but those wrong things began to give us problems. We have all continued to do things we know are wrong over and over again. In fact, we can’t stop on our own. Both attitudes, bad habits, selfishness, deceit, resentment and the like follow us, don’t they? We improve for a while, and then we have done it again. This constant problem is what scripture calls “sin.”

We need to start over again with the innocence of a child. Renewal, a new start, a return to a pure life - these are powerful things to consider. The ability to set aside your wrongs and do right is a voice that each of us hears in our hearts. And this is the call of God in our lives - to listen to Him so that we can discover how to start all over again. This is what Jesus called being “born again.” He says that you have a whole new life waiting for you. Dig deep into this study and find out why and how you can be reborn. Check it out! It is my prayer that we can encourage one another as we see the day is drawing near. Hebrews 10:22

This material comes from WBS Study Bible, page 1392. There are 6 1/2 pages of scripture reference following this article.
- Marshall Cowan, Shepherd